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Mikitzu's App~

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1 Mikitzu's App~ on Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:25 pm


Clan Applicant
Clan Applicant
Mikitzu's App~
PSN: Mikitzu
First name: Kyle
Age: 19
Do you have a mic? Yes
Do you want to get involved with clan battles? Of Course
Why do you want to join? I believe that it's Not just about the game, It's about having fun with others and playing.
Untill we hit a Clan Battle that is ;D

Little bit more about me:
I am a nice guy, Been around Call Of Duty for a while know.
Been with a couple other clans, and they turned from friendly to hateful, was Admin in 2 and Forums Designer/Moderator of another clan.
I can code CSS, PHP, and much much more.
Thank you all, And have a great day.

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